“We Are In The Golden Age Of Fraud”


There’s absolutely nothing the masses can do about it. The US financial, monetary, political & legal systems are now a mix of “1984” and “Atlas Shrugged” …

by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Characteristics

” Elon Musk has personified the hopes and imagine this bull market; Tesla burnishes its outcomes through aggressive accounting; it’s a culture of deceptiveness since it is selling self-driving, which does not yet exist.” — Jim Chanos from “We Remain in The Golden Era Of Scams” ( Financial Times)

It’s determined diplomacy.

Chanos explains the current environment as “a truly fertile field for people to play reckless with the reality, and for corporate culprits to get away with it for a long time”. He rattles why: a 10- year booming market driven by central bank intervention; a level of retail participation in the markets similar to the end of the dotcom boom; Trumpian “post-truth in politics, where my realities are your phony news”; and Silicon Valley’s “phony it up until you make it” culture, which is compounded by Fomo– the worry of losing out. All of this is intensified by lax oversight. Monetary regulators and police, he says, “are the financial archaeologists– they will tell you after the business has collapsed what the problem was.” ( Financial Times)

I have said sometimes that Tesla and Elon Musk embody and reflect the severe degree to which the U.S. system has actually specified deviance downward into what is now a complete Banana Republic controlled by crony-capitalist elitists who are putting the screws to the middle class. The cash printed by the Fed is absolutely nothing more than the thinly veiled bailout of the greatest banks– absolutely nothing more– effecting the greatest wealth transfer in history.

The fraud and corruption are blatant. And there’s absolutely nothing the masses can do about it at this moment. The U.S. economic, financial, political and legal system is now amalgam of “1984” and “Atlas Shrugged.” Eventual collapse is fait accompli.

Chanos himself burnishes the adjectives he uses to communicate the degree to which the U.S. system has been engulfed in fraud, corruption and open theft. In my viewpoint, Francisco D’Anconia in “Atlas Shrugged” describes the U.S. completely in this excerpt from the popular “ Money Speech:”

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