Top Canadian Dividend Stocks – December 2018

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Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

CIBC Dividend


CIBC is one of the big four banks in Canada.  The reason CIBC is on the list and not any of the other major Canadian banks is because it has a fairly high dividend yield currently due to a recent pull back in the stock price.  Also because of the recent decline in the stock price CIBC is undervalued and has a possible 30% upside based on future cash flow calculations.

Dividend Yield


CIBC Payout Ratio


  • Current CIBC Dividend Yield 5.16%
  • CIBC Payout Ratio 46%
  • CIBC Has Paid Dividend uninterrupted for past 10yrs
  • CIBC Has Increased Dividend consistently over past 10yrs

Laurentian Bank of Canada – LB

Laurentian Bank is not one of the major/big banks in Canada, and because of this is often overlooked by investors.  The ticker symbol for Laurentian Bank is LB.TO.  I have included Laurentian Bank in this months dividend stock list because of the continued pull back in its stock price.  The pull back in the stock price has created a juicy dividend yield of almost 7%.  The current dividend yield for Laurentian blows the other big Canadian banks out of the water, and on top of that Laurentian Bank has a safe dividend payout ratio of 50%, and in my opinion, the dividend is very safe.  In the last financial crisis, Laurentian Bank continued to pay its dividend and increased it yearly during that difficult time, so the company has a solid track record when it comes to the dividend.

Laurentian Bank Dividend

LB Dividend Yield


LB Payout ratio


  • Current Dividend Yield 6.97%
  • Payout Ratio 50%
  • Uninterrupted dividend payments over past 10yrs
  • Consistent dividend increases over past 10yrs

Rogers Sugar Inc -RSI.TO

Rogers sugar is a company that refines, packages and markets sugar products along with maple products.  I like the business because our society is addicted to sugar and the demand for this company’s products is only going to grow over time.  This is a solid dividend paying company with a great track record in terms of dividends.  currently the dividend yield is 6.67% thanks to a pull back in the stock price.  The dividend in my opinion is safe with a payout ratio of 78%.

Rogers Sugar Dividend

Rogers Sugar Dividend Yield


Rogers Sugar Payout Ratio


  • Current Dividend Yield 6.67%
  • Payout Ratio 78%
  • Uninterrupted dividend payments over past 10yrs
  • Dividend has been decreased over past 10yrs


The above list is my personal picks for Canadian dividend stocks for the month of December.  I feel that these three stocks at their current price and dividend yield as solid choices my stock portfolio.  Please understand that these are my picks and if any of these stocks peak your interest then please do your due diligence and research them thoroughly or seek professional advice before deciding to invest in them.  As you are well aware the stock market is currently volatile and there is a lot of fear in the market, and this fear can cause strange things to happen and these stocks could look like a great investment now and by the end of the week could look like the terrible investments.

Please also keep in mind that with so many dividend-paying stocks declining in terms of share price, there is going to be some pretty juicy dividend yield popping up in the coming weeks and months, unless we see a rally in the stock market.  So think hard about when you want to invest and also in the companies you are choosing to invest in.  You might decide this week to invest in company A and then the next week company B declines and its dividend yield is much more attractive and company B is a better company financially, but you have no money left to invest because you jumped the gun and invested in company A.

In any case, the above three companies are great choices and at their current share price offer some pretty attractive dividend yields.

Dividend Stocks December 2018

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