The Week America Lost Its Way


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” What are we? People? Or animals? Or savages?”

The line is from William Golding’s timeless book “Lord of the Flies,” however it might too be emblazoned on the forehead of every American after last week– simply as it generally must be asked of every person who is tasked with choosing in between order and chaos.

The cop who put his knee on George Floyd’s throat stopped working the test for humanity.

Instead, numerous were asking a various question: “Who can we blame?”

Behind their practical COVID-19 masks, people were able to camouflage their embarassment and unloose their inner devils.

The parallels to “Lord of the Flies” were apparent as I enjoyed America’s cities reenact the fear and tribalism that infected the book’s disparate group of British school kids who discovered themselves stranded without parental supervision on an island following an airplane crash. Their preliminary efforts to establish order ultimately paved the way to score-settling and an awareness that power is not necessarily a function of righteousness.

” The world, that understandable and legal world, was escaping.”

That’s what occurred in America last week when mob violence changed cops as the standard of authority.

When you saw white people taking a knee to prostrate themselves before looters and to renounce their “white advantage,” you likewise saw parallels to Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Hitler’s Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass.

The Cultural Revolution started with an attack on the old order, the old “benefit” represented by shop owners and college professors. To avoid the mob’s rage, the victims were required to embarrass themselves openly and to utter self-denunciations, to confess their “crimes” versus the mob’s ideology. There was no escaping the demented wrath of the self-anointed protectors of virtue. Ultimately countless those intellectuals and entrepreneurs were put to death– sometimes buried as much as their necks so that they could continue to abase themselves till their last breath.

Kristallnacht is the name provided to a pogrom performed versus Jewish stores, houses, cemeteries and synagogues in November 1938 by Nazi paramilitaries known as Brownshirts. They were an exact parallel of the black-garbed stormtroopers that damaged areas in lots of U.S. cities the last 10 days approximately. Do not let the name Antifa fool you. These “anti-fascists” have actually adopted the methods of the fascists as their own (and even the uniform of the Italian Blackshirts).

Just as Kristallnacht was intended to send a message to Jews, so too were the riots last week meant to send out a signal to obedient whites. The words that journalist Hugh Greene discussed Kristallnacht in 1938 could just as easily have actually been written today about the riots that followed the murder of George Floyd:

” Mob law ruled … throughout this afternoon and night, and hordes of hooligans enjoyed an orgy of damage. … Racial hatred and hysteria seemed to have taken total hold of otherwise good individuals.”

You might make the case that the riots last week represented just a portion of Americans, whether black or white, and that we need to not ascribe excessive importance to them. But that held true likewise in Nazi Germany and Mao’s China. The real revolutionaries and radicals carrying out the acts of domestic terrorism are constantly couple of, however if they are not condemned forcefully and convincingly, then they are emboldened to strike once again and again.

So-called “good” Germans celebrated the lawless attacks on Jewish people in 1938, offering implied authorization for the death camps that would eliminate millions. Numerous in the class structure of the United States are similarly offering a thumbs-up to present and future violence by approving riots as “protests” and by excusing robbery and murder as an affordable action to Floyd’s death.

Tucker Carlson, who has actually ended up being a modern-day Cassandra, warned us that “[w] hat we are seeing is not a political protest; it is the reverse of a political demonstration. It is an attack on the concept of politics. The rioters you have seen are attempting to topple our political system. That system is how we fix our differences without utilizing violence. These individuals want a brand-new system, one that is governed by force: Do what we say or we will harm you!”

The rioting wasn’t about race or justice; it was about power. You saw individuals beat a lady in Rochester, N.Y., with a two-by-four; smash in the head of a guy looking for to defend his store in Dallas; kill a retired 77- year-old police officer in St. Louis who was protecting a friend’s pawnshop; burn and ruin countless shops; and loot everything from Rolex watches to cars as if they were the Visigoths sacking Rome.

When such wanton damage is taking place, typical people have no choice versus overwhelming force. Hillary Clinton’s previous spokesperson Brian Fallon sent a message to “Defund the police” – as if a country without police might be anything however a barbaric lawless mess.

If you desire more dead George Floyds, remove the cops and the justice system and you will have countless them, ultimately millions. The point that the rioters and their enablers miss is that when cops become criminals, there is a way to hold them accountable, however when lawbreakers end up being authorities, they are a law unto themselves, with no court of appeal and no wish for justice.

Who understands what will happen to individuals in American cities going forward if they don’t denounce their so-called white privilege and flex a knee to those who have power and are ready to use it? Gradually he was displaced by boys who valued action over honor, power over principle:

” The rules!” shouted Ralph, “you’re breaking the rules!”

” Who cares?” came the reaction from the kids.

If that is the exact same response we accept from our mayors, our guvs, our generals, and our media elites, then we have not only lost our honor; we have actually lost our nation.

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