The Truman Show


In this film, the hero thinks he is living a regular life, but in truth he resides in a setting and all the other people are the actors of a long-term truth reveal around Truman’s life.

Like him, we are trapped in a media frame, the threads of which are challenging to disentangle. True and false are very carefully intertwined.

This story is written in numerous aircrafts in space-time. Without explaining them all, here are a couple of, that need to enable you to comprehend a few of what is occurring prior to our eyes.

” In politics, nothing ever happens by chance” – Franklin D Roosevelt

This history starts in 1968, when the “Club of Rome” brought together scientists, economic experts and industrialists to question the future of Earth, after the years of strong post-war development.

This report noted that our civilization was consuming at high speed the reserves of the world, which were in limited amounts and not eco-friendly. The conclusions announced a collapse of our society by 2030.

In 2012, a 2nd report produced by the M.I.T, using the exact same method as the first one, with updated data, was revealed. This report concerns the exact same outcome as that of 1972, with the collapse of present society by2030 The rapporteurs looked for to be positive, composing that if extreme procedures were required to reform the system, the decrease of our civilisation might be postponed for a couple of years.

Montreal (1987), Rio (1992), Kyoto (1997), Johannesburg (2002) … Large political tops have happened in an effort to change the industrial policy of the G20 states, however some big nations, consisting of the United States, have actually been filibustering.

In 2019, environmental movements introduced major international maneuvers to block, in specific, coal mines and mineral ports all over the world. At the exact same time, a movement was brought to the forefront of the political and media scene, “the Green New Offer” and children were used to sensitize world viewpoint to the future of our world. Petroleum usage suddenly ended up being politically incorrect.

In early 2020, the coronavirus pandemic spreads in the city of Wuhan, which will cause China to close down its economy. Production is suspended and exports are halted.

The declassified part of a research study commissioned by the White House showed in 2019 that the American military market was 100% dependent on China in all areas.

Four weeks later, the exact same epidemic affects Europe and the European Union will decree quarantine and put the main part of its economy at a standstill, further obstructing the US economy.

Some specialists are going to sob wolf in the United States, announcing that countless individuals will be contaminated which there will be several hundreds of countless deaths due to the Covid-19 To prevent this carnage, it was necessary to declare quarantine and therefore close shops and factories for a few weeks.

These factories and these organisations, which would have remained in technical joblessness, in any case, due to the fact that of the stop of the expeditions of China.

On another level

At the end of the 90 s, the Asian crisis caused an alter-globalist revolt to arise.

The Federal Reserve having declined to intervene in this monetary crisis, the emerging countries have actually come together to form a common front with a view to monetary reform.

Throughout the systemic crisis of 2007-2008, it was all the members of the G20 who allied to request a request to end the existing financial system by raising the possibility of checking the system proposed by Keynes at Bretton Woods in 1944: the Bancor. The United States ‘Congress, since then, has been doing everything it could to obstruct the reforms worked out throughout the successive G20 s.

Bear In Mind That in April 2014, Christine Lagarde, as a representative of the member nations of the IMF, had provided an “ultimatum” to the United States’ Congress for it to endorse the Reforms.

If we take a look at the realities, we can see that for the past 10 years, American business appear to have been encouraged to obtain to buy back their own shares. The managers had an apparent interest in it, since they were partially compensated with choices on these shares. The more the securities went up, the more their alternatives were valued with a strong leverage effect. A lot so, that American stocks soared exactly like from 1920 to 1929, while the other world stock exchange stagnated.

On Monday, February 24 2020, the New York Stock Exchange started a fall, which turned into a historic crash more terrible than that of 1929 and which might just be in its infancy. Goldman Sachs estimates that in the very first quarter, the United States GDP fell by 9% and that it ought to drop by -34% in the 2nd quarter.

Trump had actually typically assured to dismantle some giant groups, the power of which made them believe they were above the states.

After the “Currency War” and the “Trade War”, we are witnessing a “Financial War”, the coronavirus pandemic is possibly the tree that hides this forest.

On a parallel plane

Keep in mind those succeeding tanker attacks in the Persian Gulf or the Oman Sea in might 2019, that stopped working to begin a war, which missiles attack on Aramco refineries. The only apparent corollary was a panic in the REPO market the following Monday. The Fed was forced to all of a sudden flush this market with 183 Billion Dollars, whereas generally, it is the big American banks, which put their short-term cash there. But the big banks had actually seen their capital drained by the purchase of Treasury expenses. Saudi Arabia, which exactly held $ 183 billion in United States treasury expenses, might have put them as security for a loan from these huge banks, which have no right to refuse.

And why was the Fed forced to put $ 500 billion in cash on the REPO market at Christmas, then $ 1,500 billion in March?

Exists currently an underground war against what was until now the safest financial instrument worldwide for reserve banks?

On a really close level

Given That the 1970 s, after the sharp rise in the rate of a barrel following the Kippour’s war, the oil-producing countries have actually parked their surplus money in US Treasury bills. When prices fall below $ 50, American companies in this sector can not honor their debts. The prices have actually been kept at this level for the last 4 years …

But in February 2020, because of the epidemic, considering that China was in quarantine, that the freight ships did not leave any more its ports, that the airplanes were nailed to the ground, that the Chinese no longer took their car and that the factories were closed, the consumption of oil was experiencing a serious drop and the price of a barrel dropped. The circumstance got worse when Europe likewise quarantined itself.

The media is talking about an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, but in reality there is a contract to wipe out the American oil companies and, most likely, to put an end to the petrodollar arrangements. If this holds true, the United States no longer has lenders to purchase its debts, just as Washington is spending thousands of billions of dollars ($ 7T) to try to avoid falling into economic crisis.

If the American market remains in technical halt of production since of the rupture of the Chinese supply chain and in forced unemployment, because of the quarantine of an increasing variety of states, the American economy no longer generates revenues, therefore no more corporate taxes, say goodbye to VAT due to the harsh slowdown in consumption. The US Treasury is entrusted to a more dreadful balance sheet day after day.

In the current fiat system, the value of the currency is guaranteed by the tax that the state can impose on services and the population. If a nation’s economy stops, the value of its currency must collapse.

If all the various nations stop their economy at the exact same time, we must look at the relative value of one currency compared to another, however the rate of gold, which shows the truth of the purchasing power of each currency.

As Europe and United States remain in quarantine in april, precious metal rates are expected to skyrocket in May and June.

Did you understand that South Africa’s cash cow are closed due to the epidemic?

If you study on the topic, you will discover that the largest mining companies have taken actions to fight the epidemic, whether in Africa, South or North America, Russia, Australia, and so on. This is likewise real of the copper mines of Peru and Chile and the silver mines of Mexico, which alone produces a quarter of the silver produced worldwide.

#Mexico Mining Suspension to Strike #Silver Supply E36 WBGuPx1

— (@Goldbroker_com) April 4, 2020

For the exact same reasons, the Swiss refineries, which process a third of the world rare-earth elements, were closed from the second half of March. The US Mint and the Canadian Mint are closed too.

It’s authorities: 3 Swiss gold refineries suspend production due to … #gold #silver #valcambi #pamp #argor #refineries #switzerland

— Fabrice Drouin Ristori (@FabriceDrouin) March 23, 2020

The typical circulations of rare-earth elements have actually dried up and reserves have actually quickly run out because of a strong need. Many online shopping sites promote numerous weeks of hold-ups.

On March 23 and 24, on COMEX, there was a bullish panic. Numerous banks were defaulted, unable to deliver the gold they had offered. It is tough not to reconcile with the immediate choice of the Dutch bank ABN AMRO to close all the metal accounts of its consumers. The bank offered simply a week to its customers to find a new bank. After that hold-up, their precious metals will be sold on the marketplace. You might hear comparable stories soon.

COMEX opened its April session when its storage facilities are empty of 100- ounce bars. In order for deliveries to happen at the end of the month, the London market, the LBMA, need to melt gold bars to bring them as much as COMEX standards and effectively provide them to New York under quarantine.

Given all of the above, which could be mistaken for a huge military-financial technique completely executed, I would not be amazed that these ingots do not come to COMEX and that this market finds itself in ostentatious default by the due date for deliveries.

What is true for gold is obviously real for silver.

With the continuous monetary meltdown, need for precious metals has actually exploded while at the very same time, supply has abruptly dried up. Prices will not stay long at present levels. Expect some terrific surprises in May-June.

  • The majority of the mines are closed
  • The refineries are closed
  • Mints no longer produce coins or ingots due to containment
  • Physical numismatists shops reduced the curtain
  • Online stores have between 3 and 5 weeks of delivery times due to absence of stocks

For me, there is a 99% chance that we will reach soon a circumstance where on the market, no one will be a seller.

” No Bid”

Such a possibility has actually been anticipated.

As you already understand, if nobody is a seller at the opening of the day-to-day session, gold prices will leap by $100 There will be a 2-minute break to see if someone wants to sell, then gold will rise again by $ 100, prior to a brand-new break … When gold has therefore risen by $ 400 throughout the day without anybody wanting to offer, the marketplace will be closed overnight, without any fixing. As a result, no one can purchase or offer physics.

The next day, the market will open the auction at the close of the day in the past and if there is no seller, in a few minutes, the rate of gold will have even more increased by $ 400.

In a single week, in only 5 days, gold might be at the mythic level of 100 times the worth of an ounce during the “Gold Exchange Requirement” duration.

1,500$ + 400$ = 1,900 $

1,900$ + 400$ = 2,300 $

2,300$ + 400$ = 2,700 $

2,700$ + 400$ = 3,100 $

3,100$ + 400$ = 3,500 $

For silver, rule 589 enables costs to go up $ 12 a day if there is no seller.

When the United States Mint on its front page reveals a cost of $ 64.5 for a Silver Eagle, this “proof” seems a subliminal message to those who have eyes to see.

I wasn’t anticipating this level for silver up until early 2021.

The events we are living never ever occurred in the past. Something BIG is brewing.

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