New York tax revenue down $8 billion, or 68%, compared to last April


However New york city did receive over $5 billion from the federal government’s CARES Act, and the city is …

by Simon Black of Sovereign Guy

Are you prepared for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our week’s roll-up of the most absurd stories from worldwide that are dangers to your liberty, risks to your success … and on occasion, motivating poetic justice.

The United Nations takes a page from 1984 with a list of offending words

According to the United Nations, the word “partner” is obviously offending to some individuals. So is “other half”.

Their thinking?

The word manpower is offensive, naturally, due to the fact that it relies on the base “male”. And anything that involves a guy stinks and horrible in this brand-new world of ours.

So rather of “workforce”, the UN desires you to state “labor force”.

Honestly the word ‘congress’ must be far more offending than ‘male’.

Instead of other half or other half, the UN desires you to say “spouse.”

In concerns to this website, somehow “Sovereign Gender Fluid Homo Sapien” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Click here to see the UN’s ridiculous tweet.

Oregon lockdown lifted … for a few hours

A judge ruled that Oregon Guv Kate Brown’s lockdown order could just presume.

After 28 days, emergency decrees in Oregon require legislative approval. Guv Brown did not get that approval.

So a group of Oregon churches who were required to close due to the shelter-in-place order sued the federal government. And the judge ruled in their favor– the whole state lockdown was ruled unlawful, and the judge bought that it be immediately lifted.

But that just lasted a couple of hours.

Guv Brown right away appealed the judgment and took it to the state’s Supreme Court.

While the lower court’s judgment wasn’t reversed, the Supreme Court did cave to the Guv’s emergency situation movement to keep the lockdown in place while the lawsuit continued.

Obviously, the Guv could have simply called the legislature back to authorize her lockdown order … or perhaps she was too afraid that the citizens’ agents would take her newfound power away?

It was a safer bet to let the Supreme Court decide, considering that Governor Brown appointed 5 of the 7 justices.

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Connecticut works with $2 million ‘resuming expert’

There’s a profitable new company chance in the Land of the Free: speaking with state and city governments about how to re-open their economies.

How profitable, you ask?

Well, the State of Connecticut has employed a speaking with company to encourage them on how to reopen the state after lockdown ends.

The state will pay a target of $2 million, which implies it might wind up being more.

However do not fret, says Connecticut’s governor, due to the fact that the state will likely be reimbursed by the federal government.

And why not?

The Fed is printing trillions of dollars worth of magic money.

What’s a measly $2 million to pay specialists to tell politicians how to stop being totalitarians?

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New York tax profits down $8 billion, or 68% compared to last April

Odd how when you shut down the economy, in some way the tax income stops streaming.

Tax revenue is down 68%, or practically $8 billion, compared to last April.

New york city is now facing a yearly budget gap of $133 billion.

However New York did receive over $5 billion from the federal government’s CARES Act, and the city is currently whining for more federal cash.

Why did anybody ever operate at all, when we could have simply been printing money this entire time?

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Restaurants are beginning to gather consumer info for contact tracing

Lots of American cities are considering requiring dining establishments to collect details from clients to assist in “contact tracing.”

That method, if somebody who visited the dining establishment is identified with coronavirus, authorities can get in touch with individuals who may have been exposed.

Clients need to supply details like their name, contact number, address, and other contact info.

This is already required in some locations, like Auckland, New Zealand. And it has currently turned scary.

One said she downplayed leaving her phone number, e-mail address, and physical address at a Train dining establishment she visited.

Then she got a Facebook message, an Instagram demand, and a text from a Train team member who wanted to take her on a date.

She was specifically worried due to the fact that her house address was also offered to the overzealous male.

And as scary as that is, this is just one element of the personal privacy concerns.

The government will likewise have the ability to track your whereabouts.

And unlike the creepy guy from Subway, the government will not let you disregard its advances.

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Kansas City churches required to keep records of guests

It’s not just dining establishments being required to gather details on consumers.

Churches in Kansas City, Missouri are now required to keep a list of church attendees.

That method, the state can look at the list for contact tracing if somebody from the church tests positive for coronavirus.

The guideline requires churches and synagogues to “tape-record the names, contact info, and approximate entry/exit time of all clients who are on facilities for more than 10 minutes.”

If a not-so-deadly virus can eliminate all the most standard rights– from assembly to religious beliefs– were we ever really complimentary to start with?

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