London Times Says Embracing Traditional Gender Roles Is A Form Of ISIS-Style Extremism

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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson through Summit News,

The London Times has actually become the most recent media outlet to suggest that welcoming conventional gender roles is a type of extremism with an article that claims so-called ‘trad partners’ are on a par with “ISIS brides.”

” A growing online community of women are declining feminism in favour of submission to guys. The techniques used to radicalise them resemble those used to groom Isis bride-to-bes,” composes Julia Ebner.

Ebner works for the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a think tank that partners with nationwide governments, Google and others “to counter hate and extremism in the UK.”

It went from women being “empowered” to ‘ladies who wish to accept standard gender roles are on a par with ISIS bride-to-bes of terrorists’.

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) February 11, 2020

Obviously, females who select to be subservient to males in the structure of a traditional marriage now represent an extremist motion.

This is not the very first instance of the ‘trad wife’ narrative being linked with extremism.

Self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” scientist Becca Lewis responded to a BBC piece about ‘trad other halves’ by labeling it “actual white supremacist propaganda.”

who requires youtube rabbit holes when you have the BBC broadcasting actual white supremacist propaganda

— Becca Lewis (@beccalew) January 22, 2020

The New york city Times also published a short article asserting that “mommy-vlogging is a virulent pressure of white nationalism.”

Running along with what might be mistaken for a strange design of mommy-vlogging is a virulent pressure of white nationalism. Who are these women? They call themselves tradwives.

— New York Times Viewpoint (@nytopinion) June 1, 2018

And while young people are being motivated to chase after a lifetime of vacuous promiscuous sex, moms are being openly shamed on nationwide television for wanting to look after their spouses.

A Brisbane mum has been SLAMMED after revealing online that she doesn’t go to sleep till the house is clean and wakes up at 4: 30 am to make her spouse breakfast and coffee. What do you think about this? # 9Today

— The Today Program (@TheTodayShow) February 5, 2020

Possibly the funniest feature of all this hysteria is the fact that ‘trad spouses’ is mainly simply a meme on Twitter.

Nevertheless, there does exist a tiny minority of people living in the west who want to accept more conventional faith-based gender roles in order to escape the degenerate hellscape of modernity that has actually contributed to record high depression and suicide rates amongst youths.

And for that, they are demonized on a par with actual terrorists.

The media dislikes you.

My voice is being silenced by totally free speech-hating Silicon Valley leviathans who want me vanished permanently.

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