Is There Enough Food Supply For The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic?


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How’s the food supply right now, and what’s going to take place as people are bugging-in on lockdown, shutdown, hunker down, remain at house, and shelter in location?

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Brian Ochsner talked to by Half Dollar of Silver Medical Professionals

How’s the food supply right now, and what’s going to happen to the food supply as people hunker down, remain at house, and shelter in place?

Exists enough food to make it through this crisis? Will there be enough food?

Brian Ochsner, a high-producing wheat farmer, go back to Silver Medical professionals for a robust conversation on the state of America’s food supply.

Exists enough food to make it though the crisis?

What are some of the important things we should be looking out for that spell difficulty with America’s farming?

What can a person do now right now, and what shoud a person be doing as we move through the global crisis that has much of America shutdown and on lockdown?

For the responses to all of those concerns and a whole lot more, tune-in to the interview in its totality!

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