Fun on Friday: You Forgot, Didn’t You?

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February 14, 2020 by SchiffGold 0 0

Psst … It’s Valentine’s Day.

You forgot, didn’t you?

Well, if Valentine’s Day did slip your mind, and you occurred to come across this post early enough, you’re welcome. Now go out there before it’s too late.

And if it is too late, well, I’m sorry for your pain. Hope the sofa is comfortable.

Of course, I’m presuming you have a Valentine to look for. The easiest way to prevent the pressure of the vacation is to simply stay single. That’s a subject for a different Enjoyable on Friday.

So, here’s the concern: now that I’ve advised you, what do you plan to buy your Valentine? I understand you have something in the cards due to the fact that in spite of grousing about the vacation, Americans spend a great deal of money on it– someplace in the community of $20 billion.

Yes. Billion. With a B.

Now, you might simply go with a card.

However even if you’re getting a more significant gift, you most likely need to still purchase a card.

If you’re a traditional sort, you’ll likely go with flowers and candy. This may appear cliche, but it’s not a bad alternative. It’s simple to get last-minute. This has to do with as last-minute as it gets. And I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate? (I actually do understand a few individuals who do not like it. They’re almost all weirdos.)

Here’s an enjoyable truth: approximately 224 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day. The reason red roses have been associated with love is because they were the preferred flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

As far as candy goes, chocolate is associated with love due to the fact that it’s scrumptious and everyone who isn’t a weirdo enjoys it and wants to have as much as possible. This is why revenues on candy sales struck $1 billion throughout the Valentine season. According to one article, 36- million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate cost Valentine’s day annually. According to Walgreens, 70% of chocolate hearts cost their stores are bought within the last 48 hours leading up to Valentine’s Day. Yes, we enjoy last-minute shopping!

By the way, if you haven’t done your shopping yet, why are you still sitting here reading this.

However enough with the cheap things. Your Valentine would like some candy, flowers and a great card.

In fact, of the $20 approximately billion invested in Valentine’s Day, an approximated 18%, or $3.9 billion, is invested in jewelry. And a lot of that precious jewelry is constructed out of gold. Why? Due to the fact that gold is stunning and all of us know it has intrinsic value. Gold has actually been valued for centuries and suggests wealth. You actually can’t fail with gold. A card will rest on a rack for a few days and be forgotten. Flowers will wilt. Chocolate makes us fat. There is absolutely no downside to gold.

And you understand what? If you’re reading this a day or two after Valentine’s Day, a little gold might even simply get you off the sofa!

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