Fun on Friday: Who Is That Masked Man?


July 10, 2020 by Michael Maharrey 0 1

Our county executed an obligatory mask policy last week. It seems like most locations are entering that instructions. And even in locations where the federal government hasn’t mandated masks, a great deal of companies are needing them.

I understand there is a great deal of controversy about mask-wearing and its efficacy in stopping the spread of The ‘Rona. I have no intent of wading into that quagmire. Regardless, this is the world we reside in now, and I have actually decided that if I’m going to have to use a mask, I’m going to have a good time with it.

So whenever I’m anyplace imposing a mask policy– I’m a ninja.

I kid you not. I have a black tactical hood that covers my whole face and head, leaving only my eyes noticeable. Leading it off with a pair of dark sunglasses and I’m completely unidentifiable.

I seriously question that this is stopping the spread of a virus, however it does at least use a minor little amusement. And whatever negatives might feature a mask, I count the capability to evade facial recognition as a favorable!

So far, I’ve utilized my ninja powers to obtain groceries, purchase a computer screen and walk into the ice rink. (Yes, we have to wear masks into the rink where we are going to play hockey … without masks. It is among the lots of incongruencies in this brave brand-new world of masking.)

It’s quite funny when you stop and consider it. If I walked into my local convenience store fully masked a few weeks back, they most likely would have presumed they will be robbed and called the cops. Now I’m praised as a great citizen.

I’m anticipating my next journey to the bank.

Something I have actually noticed is that having my face fully covered makes people uneasy. You can see it in their eyes. (Naturally, you can only see their eyes … however still …) Again, I see this as a favorable. It enhances social distancing. I was a fan of keeping away from masses of people long before coronavirus.

Of course, not using a mask makes some people unpleasant too. Some of those individuals are apt to scold you for not wrapping a rag around your face. So far, no one has scolded ninja-Mike. Another positive.

While we’re on the subject of masks, I want to provide a few suggestions to my fellow mask-wearers. If you are going to do it– do it right. Since the method the majority of people are wearing masks out there has about absolutely no percent chance of stopping the spread of The ‘Rona.

Using your mask on your chin is not helping. The infection doesn’t come out of your chin.

Hanging your mask off one ear or wearing it around your neck is not assisting.

Pulling the mask down to talk– not helping.

Wearing the same dirty mask three weeks straight is not helping. You might not get COVID-19, however you probably are going to get the plague.

Likewise, even if you are using a mask doesn’t make it OKAY for you to enter into my individual area. A mask does not make you invincible or invisible. Seriously, mask or no mask, I’m not a fan of having my individual space invaded. And remember– I’m a ninja.

As I said, masking appears to be the important things — until the next thing occurs. So, I believe it’s a great idea to find out ways to play down it. And I’ll inform you one thing you can do where you won’t have to have a mask– buy gold from SchiffGold. You can do the whole thing over the phone. No mask required!

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