Fun on Friday: Men With Sticks Chasing a Silver Cup


July 31, 2020 by Michael Maharrey 0 1

Twenty-twenty has actually been a miserable year for sports fans. Coronavirus closed down sports back in March, leaving sports junkies to picked in between blankly looking replays of 5-year-old football video games or actually picking up a book.

But we’re beginning to see signs of normalcy.

Or at least the brand-new normalcy.

Baseball lastly began its season a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, you can just view personally if you can determine how to shape-shift into a cardboard cutout– or if you’re a politically linked doctor invited to throw out the very first pitch. (Somebody requires to give Dr. Fauci tossing lessons, by the way.) Baseball is back.

And this weekend, the NHL will lastly kick off the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Yes, it is time for men with sticks to ferret out a silver cup.

Hockey in summer is pretty odd. It’s strange to think of seeing playoff hockey in between trips to the beach and cutting the turf. But hey, as a die-hard hockey fan, I’ll take it!

So, what’s the huge deal about the Stanley Cup anyhow?

Well, in the very first location, it’s the hardest prize in sports to win. (And in real hockey gamer kind, I will combat you over this.) In order to raise the Cup, you have to win four best-of-seven series. Consider that for a minute. In football, you need to win, at most, four video games. In baseball, you have to survive a five-game series and a couple of seven-game series. The NBA also requires winning four seven-round series, however, real talk here, it’s simply basketball. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the most intense and strenuous competition in sports.

Ask any hockey player and they will inform you that the Stanley Cup is invaluable. Getting your name etched on that iconic prize is the supreme imagine every kid you laces up the skates and gets a stick.

The Cup itself has a monetary value. It’s just that no one can pin down exactly what that is. The best price quote I’ve had the ability to discover is around $600,000

On a side-note, did you know the Stanley Cup has a guardian? Phil Pritchard works as “Keeper of the Cup.” He and his mate travel everywhere with the trophy to ensure it remains safe. That further demonstrates the worth of the trophy.

The Cup itself is pure silver and the rest of the trophy is formed out of a silver/nickel mix. That offers it value in and of itself. Silver has long been coveted for its appeal and scarcity. I wouldn’t suggest melting the Cup down. It’s is a lot more valuable when you consider the intangibles.

The name of every player to ever win the Cup is carved right into it. Certainly, the prize would end up being extremely tall if they keep all the rings connected, so the bottom one is gotten rid of as soon as the leading one is full. The old rings are kept at the Hockey Hall of Popularity in Toronto. Nonetheless, no one will ever forget Erwin Murph Chamberlain won the 1946 Cup with the Montreal Canadians. It’s sculpted right there on the trophy.

Of course, in order to get your hands on the Stanley Cup, you have to win the NHL championship– or go someplace where the trophy is on display. The bright side is if you much like silver, it’s a lot easier to get your hands on that. Just call 1-888- GOLD-160 today!

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