Debate: Is ‘Russiagate’ a CIA Hoax?


There is public debate regarding whether ‘Russiagate’ a CIA-generated hoax rather of (as it has actually been reported) a Russian Federal government hacking operation …

by Eric Zuesse

Whatever it was, did trigger massive U.S. economic and other sanctions versus Russia, and is therefore essential in today’s U.S. worldwide relations. Had the CIA in fact developed the “proof”? Were those sanctiona based upon a U.S. Government fraud? That is the question here.

Binney alleged there that the raw information show conclusively– not simply speculatively– that the CIA tampered with the proof, in order to end up being made it possible for to implicate Russia as having been involved in those unapproved information-releases. He further declared that Robert Mueller’s report on the Democratic Celebration’s charges that Russia and Trump were included in these matters was incorrect when it unquestioningly accepted the CIA’s assertions against Russia and on that basis accused the Internet Research Agency, in Russia, as having actually “hacked” the data.

Among the news-sites that released his discussion was Silver Medical Professionals. A reader-comment there, from an anonymous “Fred,” challenged Binney’s restoration of what had taken place. Here below is Fred’s reader-comment, and Binney’s action to it:

For contrast, this file consists of the DNC email last modified times (LMT) showing FAT file

  • properties and the Pedesta emails LMT’s that do not show FAT file properties. We have gigabyte web now., data can be transferred well over 100 mbs.:”
  • While the ISP standard is Mbps = mega bits per 2nd and MBps = mega bytes per second, I believe Fred is referring to mega bytes per second. Far, no one has actually done that–
  • not even NSA/CIA/FBI or personal security companies.
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