Bloomberg’s Latest Gold Hit Piece Is So Bad, We May Already Have Our 2020 Winner


Even if another flock of black swans drop dead mid-flight and come speeding down to earth, this one still probably takes the cake …

( by Half Dollar) We’re only midway through the year!

Nonetheless, thank you Justina Vasquez (and assistants) since if this year gets any weirder, a minimum of I do not have to worry about 2020’s best, or worst, depending on perspective, anti-gold propaganda.

We may already have our winner for 2020 in this little doozy, from Bloomberg:

That’s ideal folks!

There’s chaos in the gold “markets”, and it’s rippling to other rare-earth elements, and particularly to the one we truly want we didn’t need to name, but will call in a subtitle!

Now, I ‘d just like to discuss the first two paragraphs due to the fact that of Justina’s post due to the fact that honestly, that’s actually about all I can stand from the mainstream media in basic, and in this case, Bloomberg particularly.

Let’s begin ( strong and bold added for emphasis and commentary):

The mayhem that swallowed up the gold market in March as the international pandemic choked off physical trading paths is rippling through other precious metals, leading to cost dislocations and a rise in exchange stocks for silver and platinum.

Uh-oh, there’s chaos in the gold market.

Better stay away!

And physical trading is choked off, you know, so it’s not even worth your time trying to find some gold!

Besides, even if you did wish to wast your time like that, you’re going to be paying method more than you ought to be paying!

You see, when the mainstream media includes certain types of dramatic words or expressions, which aren’t Bloomberg Terminal-lovin’ HFT algorithm trigger-words, such as “choked off”, completion goal is a play on financier psyche.

Said differently, this is a mainstream attempt to plant the Seed of Bad Vibes.

Continuing ( bold and vibrant added for emphasis):

The gold market was thrown into chaos in March as lockdowns grounded aircrafts and closed refineries, leading traders to fret they would not be able to get gold to New york city in time to deliver against futures contracts. That triggered futures, which usually trade near to the London area rate, to skyrocket to a premium, inflicting losses on banks that had a hard time to close arbitrage bets and spurring them to shift some positions out of New york city futures.

Um, like, so simply in case you didn’t comprehend in the very first paragraph, let me state it once again: You totally do not wish to be tossed into turmoil, do you?

Since that’s what you get if the idea of looking for security ever crosses your mind!

There’s no security in turmoil!

And when gold traders are worried, why would anybody want to be an investor?

Yes, I have actually used heavy satire to make my points here, however that’s how ludicrous the MSM truly is.

That is to say, the heavy satire I’ve utilized is directly proportional to the absurdity in this short article’s play on feelings.

Furthermore, notice the system apology and total neglect for gold market control, rigging and rate suppression!

In closing, a couple of points about the post, general:

  • This short article is really bullish for gold because it speaks with the desperation
  • This post is even more bullish for platinum and the one they ‘d rather not points out (silver)
  • No amount of propaganda can stem the tide due to the fact that it’s not a kiddie pool of investor demand but a tidal bore

What do you consider the current Bloomberg gold struck piece?

Could you swallow it?

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