America Is Drowning in Problems


Another election approaches and yet again there is no acknowledgement of the real problems our country faces or any interest in …

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America Is Drowning in Issues

Paul Craig Roberts

Washington is choosing yet another fight with China.

What info about coronavirus is China supposed to have withheld?

That China was doing coronavirus research study? How could this info have been kept when the US State Department understood about it, the N.I.H. was funding it, and US scientists were grumbling about the threat?

That coronavirus was damaging Wuhan? How was this info kept when it remained in the media every day?

The United States and its vassals learnt about the virus outbreak in China two months prior to its outbreak in the West and not did anything. Through either inactiveness or intent, the United States, Canada, and Europe imported the infection. The governments refused to stop flights in and out of China and to avoid cruise ships from inviting guests from infected areas. Governments did not wish to hinder earnings, which came before public health. Definitely nothing was done. No efforts were made to stock protective masks and equipment, or to secure retirement home, or to segregate health center centers, or to believe outside the box about treatments. The Swedish federal government was so unprepared that it did not even try to do anything and just let the infection run its course with devastating results on the senior.[Note: There is much disinformation about Sweden from those who believe the virus is a plot to impose police state controls, such as claims that Sweden has kept the economy open without paying for it in a higher death rate and is gaining “herd immunity” against Covid-19.  These claims are contradicted by news reports.  For example:—now-its-daily-deaths-are-soaring-2020-05-21  and]

Numerous suspect that Big Pharma and Expense Gates want to keep the infection dispersing in order to panic us into being immunized with an improperly evaluated vaccine.

The blame China video game is truly an effort to cover-up the failure of Western federal governments to deal with a crisis.

The failure of governments to handle crisis is ubiquitous. Simply believe Katrina, the typhoon that ravaged New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. If you do not remember or are too young to have experienced the 2005 cyclone by means of TV, checked out Douglas Brinkley’s The Terrific Deluge( GCFX5Y/ref= sr_1_1? dchild= 1 & keywords= The+ Terrific+ Deluge & qid =-LRB- & s= books & sr= 1-1 ).

The sick and senior were left in place. As Bush had deployed Louisiana’s National Guard to Iraq, the Louisiana governor had to borrow guardsmen from other states.

People from Louisiana and from other states showed up on their own time, their own money, and with their own boats and started organizing saves. One of her customers, Ronny Lovett, paid his building crews triple earnings for their rescue time and invested $200,000 of his money gearing up the boats with food, water, medical supplies, chain saws, life jackets, spotlights, ropes and whatever else could contribute to effective rescues.

From its founding day, New Orleans was a manufactured catastrophe waiting to happen. Dredging, canals, watercourse changes, pipelines and a range of other ecological harmful errors had more than the years destroyed the wetlands that protected the city and Gulf Coast. In order to serve personal revenue, failure was developed into the system. The Great Deluge is an external expense of a political and economic system that puts personal profits initially.

We are undergoing it once again at this minute as areas of Michigan are inundated from floods caused by dam failures. One of the dams, the Edenville Dam was a long understood public security risk. Boyce Hydro, the owner of the dam, consistently stopped working regardless of the intervention of regulators to attend to the recognized threat. Not only was Boyce Hydro irresponsible, but also were the federal government authorities that allowed the recognized threat to continue unaddressed. The lost of life and property from the flooding is an external expense imposed on third parties by Boyce Hydro whose agenda was limited to its earnings.

They are always amazed by the unintended repercussions of their own senseless actions and inactiveness.

Throughout America, state, local, and federal government characterize failure. Trillions of dollars have been put into weapons systems that can not be used without ruining the United States together with the rest of the world, while dams stop working, bridges collapse, communities deteriorate, and homelessness grows. The federal government in Washington hangs out, effort, and cash producing opponents to validate the budget of the military/security complex, while tasks and the US economy are offshored, the environment is degraded, and healthcare needs go unaddressed. The US rivals third world countries in regards to the portion of its population that has no cost savings, no access to health care, and no potential customers for advancement in life.

But we can explode the world a number of times over and make meaningless interventions in the natural environment that multiply the harmful power of storms, heavy rains, and other natural phenomena.

Another election approaches and yet once again there is no recognition of the genuine problems our country deals with or any interest in discussing what to do about them. America and the Western World in basic are merely going to drown in their unaddressed problems simply as New Orleans drowned in Cyclone Katrina.

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