America Desperately Needs A Second Opinion


Authored by Jeff Harris by means of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Success,

Medical professionals are human and based on human mistakes. Even doctors with remarkable “expert” credentials are still human and like all people imperfect.

That’s why patients typically seek a 2nd and even third viewpoint from other professional physicians PRIOR TO carrying out a treatment program. That’s especially real if said treatment is potentially harmful or subject to serious adverse effects that may be as deadly as the illness itself.

The Mayo Center released a research study three years ago with the heading, “3 Reasons That Getting a Second Opinion deserves it.” It stated in part:

The research study has actually discovered that more than 1 in 5 clients referred for a second opinion-for various conditions-may have actually been incorrectly detected by their health service providers.

Dr. James Naessens, SC.

But the Mayo Clinic is not alone in their recommendation of consultations. Here’s what the Cleveland Clinic needs to say about second opinions:

When your health-and possibly even your life-is at stake, we want to make certain you are making the most educated choice about your medical diagnosis and treatment strategy …

Here’s what Johns Hopkins says about second opinions:

An accurate diagnosis is vital to make sure that the appropriate and most effective treatment is offered. Getting a consultation on a medical diagnosis can reverse a medical diagnosis or change the treatment strategy.

So the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins, a few of the most extremely respected, distinguished medical facilities in the world all suggest second medical opinions.

Medical Malpractice

In some way, the best medical suggestions from the country’s most respected medical organizations advising a second opinion was totally overlooked when Covid-19 appeared.

Instead, a handful of supposed government medical “professionals” recommended the political class to utilize illegal, unconstitutional powers to lockdown the nation, with the hazard that millions would pass away if we didn’t obey their determines.

So why did the political class, those elected by the individuals to represent the people’s interest, not insist on a consultation?

Why were they ready, some even excited, to neglect individuals ensured Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of joy?

Why were they going to ignore the very best medical advice to seek a second opinion PRIOR TO ruining the incomes of millions of hardworking American’s?

It’s not like there were no independent medical professionals sounding the alarm about the Covid fraud and the outrageous mass hysteria being worked up by the political leaders and the media.

Actually hundreds of extremely credentialed medical specialists throughout the world are on record as to the absurdity of the actions recommended by federal government medical “professionals”.

Dr. Ioannidis stated it was like an elephant being attacked by a house cat Apparently President Trump gave in to his political advisors and ignored the consultation guidance of Dr. Ioannidis and his associates.

Rather President Trump need to right away convene a blue ribbon panel of independent medical professionals with no ties to direct government financing or pharmaceutical control for an authentic second opinion. Then, act upon their suggestions regardless of the color and cry from the political class and their media enablers.

America requires a second opinion on Covid-19, and we need it acted on now!

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