2022: A Vaccination Passport. The EU Keeps Quiet Over Suspicious Documents


Authored by Daniele Pozzati by means of The Strategic Culture Structure,

Surprise, surprise, the European Commission (EC) had a “Roadmap on Vaccination” ready months prior to the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

The Roadmap must cause a “commission proposal for a common vaccination card/ passport for EU citizens by 2022″.

Last updated during the third quarter of 2019, the 10- page file was followed, on September 12 th, by a “global vaccination top” collectively hosted by the EC and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Under the header “Ten Actions Towards Vaccination for All– Everyone should be able to take advantage of the power of vaccination”, the top manifesto laments that:

” Regardless of the accessibility of safe and reliable vaccines, absence of gain access to, vaccine lacks, misinformation, complacency towards illness risks, decreasing public confidence in the worth of vaccines and disinvestments are hurting vaccination rates worldwide.”

And with them, perhaps, the pharmaceutical business’ revenues.

In July 2017, for example, Italy made 12 vaccinations required for children In the after-effects, the prices of these really vaccines increased by 62%: from a typical cost per dosage of EUR 14.02 approximately EUR 22,74

The global vaccination market is currently worth USD 27 billion a year. According to WHO estimates, it will reach USD 100 billion by 2025.

Given that the EC-WHO international vaccination top likewise went over a renewed immunization program for 2030, the huge pharma’s shareholders need not stress for the long-term efficiency of their stock.

One ought actually not to “damage vaccination rates around the world”.

The manifesto of the international vaccination top goes on to list 10 “lessons (…) and actions required towards vaccination for all”.

Each “lesson” is a gem of what the Italian neo-Marxist thinker Diego Fusaro calls “the restorative capitalism”.

The phrasing is peremptory and leaves no room for nuance and dispute. Adjectives such as “all” “everybody” “indisputably” are plentiful. Declarations in the conditional state of mind are missing.

More than a cautious, scientifically motivated and open-to-doubt strategy, the tone– “to safeguard everybody everywhere”, “to leave no one behind”– is unsuitably messianic.

What about those who do not wish to be “safeguarded” that method? In Germany alone, roughly 10% of the entire population, or 8 million people, are strongly versus a Corona vaccination

But let’s look at what we can find out, so to speak, from these “lessons”.

Lesson 1 starts with: “Promote international political management and commitment to vaccination”– this appears what we are witnessing now, with federal governments around the world recommending that masks and social distancing will stay in location up until a vaccine for Corona-Sars2 is found.

And what about those political leaders who protest vaccinations?

Will their citizens be told, as the EU budget plan commissioner Gunther Oettinger( in) famously finished with Italian Lega citizens in 2018, that “markets will teach them to vote for the right thing?”.

Will a new pandemic break out to teach people to elect the best thing?

Lesson 4, “Take on the root-causes of vaccine hesitancy, increasing confidence in vaccination,” appears like the plan for a significant propaganda campaign, one that anticipates– we keep reading the EU Roadmap on Vaccinations– the “development of e-learning training modules targeting GPs and primary healthcare providers concentrated on enhancing skills to attend to hesitant populations and promote behavioral change”.

Lesson 5, “Harness the power of digital innovations, so regarding reinforce the tracking of the efficiency of vaccination programs”, raises, in times of tracing apps and electronic wristbands, legitimate issues over the further advancement of technology in our lives– and bodies.

Which digital technologies are we discussing? Possibly a subcutaneous chip, like the one just recently patented with the satanic-sounding number 060606 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

Lesson 9 is, for the non-mainstream journalist, and for liberty of speech in basic, the most threatening [the bolded type is mine]:

” Empower healthcare experts at all levels as well as the media, to offer efficient, transparent and objective info to the public and battle false and deceptive details, consisting of by engaging with social networks platforms and technological companies.”

There we go: the battle versus so-called Fake News is back. More work for Facebook’s self-appointed “Facts-Checkers”

Fake News is naturally Orwellian Newspeak for any non-aligned details, no matter its contents, origins and verifiability.

Certainly, the global vaccination manifesto provides no definition for “unbiased details”, or for “false and misleading info”.

If vaccines are as safe as the EU and WHO declare without using any evidence, why then did the U.S. federal government produce, currently in the 1980’s, a body called National Vaccine Injury Settlement Program( VICP)?

To supply, we checked out in the VICP’s official site, “a no-fault alternative to the traditional legal system for resolving vaccine injury petitions.”

Quite successfully, it would appear.

In the period between 10/01/1988(when the VICP begun awarding damage payment) and 06/01/2020(last offered information), the VICP has granted an overall of USD 4,385,672,58043 in settlement.

This figure leaves out the compensation arising from actual legal action, especially class actions, against Big Pharma.

But, as the Italian documentary-maker Massimo Mazzucco explains, the U.S. authorities did not stop there to secure Big Pharma from legal action.

In 2010, a landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court priced quote the U.S. Code Title 42 thus:

” The Act gets rid of maker liability for a vaccines unavoidable, negative effects

The same ruling even more elaborates:

” No vaccine manufacturer shall be responsible in a civil action for damages occurring from vaccine-related injury or death related to the administration of a vaccine after Oct. 1, 1988 …

… if the injury or death arised from side-effects that were inescapable despite the fact that the vaccine was correctly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings”

1988 was naturally the year in which the National Vaccine Injury Payment Program started granting payments to the victims of vaccine injury– sparing legal headaches to Big Pharma at the same time.

As system biologist Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai points out, the impossibility to take legal action against pharmaceutical companies over vaccines, combined with falling benefit from drug sales, turned vaccines into Big Pharma’s new company design.

And now the EU and the Costs Gates-financed WHO support it.

” The government of the modern-day state,” Karl Marx notoriously composed in his Communist Manifesto, “is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the entire bourgeoisie”.

Were Marx alive today, he may have concluded that governance by global organization is but a committee for handling the typical affairs of the worldwide elites.

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